Here are some quick shots of my most recent work titled ‘Oneself’. The materials used are wood, thread, and nails. Also there are three shades of a tan/flesh colored thread. Also there are lines of thread connecting each structure.

This work was specifically made to fit in a corner, I guess in the art world it would be considered site specific  I wanted the corner to act as a reflection. This piece is one of my favorites though the pictures I have taken do it no justice. 

While I was installing this work I was thinking a lot about how I use nails in my work. There is a feeling of pain, when looking at the multiplicity and puncturing, of the nails into the wood. Also when I was installing I was thinking about how in my critique people might suggest Anne Lindberg’s work and how in her work she tends to make the corners disappear.

This work above is the opposite. The fact that you cannot see the threads connecting the two structures together aids my concept of the self and self realization. No one can really capture a person, no one can know another person completely. 

Anyways, I plan to take better photos later this week.

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